luxury in every... little... detail.

Today Studio Seed has blossomed from its roots in a house in Leamington Spa to an exciting and coveted brand which balances thoughtfulness with modernity.

Our technology-obsessed world leaves little time or room for real connections, so rather than an email or text, we want people to connect in tangible and beautiful ways.

A little thought can mean so much.

We are proud to offer a luxury collection of Leather Accessories, Stationery and Pre-Designed Gift Boxes - all beautifully hand finished and lovingly made by our boutique creative team in Warwickshire and help make life just that little bit more lovely.

Image by We Are The Clarkes

Image by We Are The Clarkes

Tamsin Rennie - Founder

Tamsin is one of four girls and Mama to her baby girl, Valentina. She created Studio Seed in 2010 for expressive women - wives-to-be, mothers, daughters, sisters, lovers - who value affection and heart-felt communication.

Tamsin likes to laugh and certainly doesn’t take life too seriously. The ‘Bauble Queen’ can often be found shopping, watching Formula One, pretending to go to the gym, and having the occasional (large) glass of rosé.

She is unhealthily attached to her three cats and Cockapoo, Nelly. 

The Studio Seed Girls

Our HQ is home to the Studio Seed Girl Gang, our lovely team of Tamsin’s right-hand ladies. Hand-picked for their attention to detail and sense of humour, the girls help run the studio, and meticulously put together and package your orders. They take it in turns to do the Starbucks run and they are partial to a bit of Absolute 80’s on the radio.

I passionately believe in the importance of spreading kindness to those you love in a meaningful way. Studio Seed offers beautiful, boutique stationery and gifts to help you show that you care and to make your loved ones feel super special.
— Tamsin Rennie, founder