caring for your leather


About Saffiano Leather

Saffiano leather was originally made in Italy and was pioneered by luxury design house, Prada. The term ‘Saffiano’ refers to the cross hatch texture which is pressed into the wax coating of the leather skin, rendering it very durable, water-resistant and chic. Our leather pieces have been designed to last a lifetime!

Caring for your leather piece

To minimise any scratching or scuffing, please take care to avoid contact with any sharp or rough surfaces. Avoid water if possible.


The benefit of Saffiano leather is that it is very hardwearing and is relatively scratch resistant compared to other leathers. If you have a mark on your leather piece, use either a damp cloth in gentle, circular motions, or a specific leather cleaner. (We recommend this)

Caring for your Monogram

We monogram with professional hot foil, the nature of which will gently fade with general wear and tear. Please avoid any contact with chemicals, perfumes or oils on the monogram area to prolong it’s life.


Please enjoy your leather piece! Each monogram is created by hand so each and every item is unique and one-of-a-kind – we hope you love it.