The Studio Seed Guide to Thoughtful Gift Giving - How to Choose the Perfect Present!


“Thoughtfulness is… making the ordinary, extraordinary”


Being thoughtful and intentional in your gift giving is something we are very, very passionate about at Studio Seed.

When you give someone a gift that they truly love, I think it has three ‘benefits’…

1.      The recipient feels loved, cherished and understood

2.     It creates a special connection between you both

3.     As the gift giver, you get that lovely warm fuzzy feeling – this scientifically boosts your ‘happy hormones’ which can improve your overall health! (True fact – read here)


So, science lesson over with, how do you go about choosing the perfect gift without spending hours trawling the shops or blowing the budget? Here are my top tips and things I consider when choosing a gift.

Travel-inspired gifts work for lots of occasions

Travel-inspired gifts work for lots of occasions

1.     Budget.

Decide on a budget and try to stick to it. The person you are giving the gift to would not want you to financially over-stretch yourself and an expensive gift doesn’t necessarily equal the best gift! If you do find something wonderful which is out of your budget, consider going halves with another friend or family member and share that glory!

2.    Think about their dreams and aspirations.

Is there anything that they’ve ever mentioned that they’d love to do? A ‘dream’ career change or an interest on the side? Get them a gift to encourage that passion.

A simple motivational notebook is a lovely way to encourage someone’s passions!

A simple motivational notebook is a lovely way to encourage someone’s passions!

3.     Current life circumstances.

Identifying where they are at in their life can be the key to unlocking the perfect gift! Are they about to start a new job? Perhaps a lovely selection of desk accessories for their new office. Getting married? Something personalised with their new initials. Having a tough time? Book a nail appointment or spa day for you both so you get quality time out and pampering together.


4.    Do some stalking!

Sometimes a little sneaky look at their social media, pinterest etc can give you some ideas. If there’s a particular brand they regularly ‘double tap’ on then perhaps check out their website to see if there’s something they might like.

5.     Reminisce.

Think back to any meaningful or funny experiences you’ve shared together. Did you used to pretend you were All Saints with your friend at school? (I’m looking at you, Natalie Frith!) Perhaps their new CD would be a welcome blast from the past?! Another idea would be to get a personalised map print of the place you met your other half.

6.    Personalise.

Of course a simple monogram can elevate an otherwise ‘standard’ gift to something totally unique, however, personalisation doesn’t necessarily need to mean just putting someone’s name on something. Think about adding a song lyric that means something to the recipient or a special quote which will resonate. We also love these personalised baby foot prints from Lucy Coggle for the ultimate personalisation.



My favourite ‘alternative’ gift ideas:


·      Homemade sweet treats/hamper

·      ‘IOU’ voucher

·      A trip or experience so that you get to share in the gift too

·      A beautiful photograph of you and the recipient set in a lovely frame

·      Framed children’s artwork

·      Subscription of flowers/magazine – the gift that literally keeps on giving!

·      Charity gift.

 In summary….

In my opinion, the most meaningful and memorable gifts are those not from a wish-list, or pre-picked by the recipient but truly thought about. Something they never considered but when they open the gift, they see just how perfect it is for them!

Let us know about your favourite (or worst!) gifts in the comments below.

Some of our favourite gifts…

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The Studio Seed Guide to Thoughtful Gifting