Top Three Tips for Designing your own Gift

Since we launched our ‘Build Your Own LuxeBox’ platform a few months ago, we’ve been overwhelmed by the orders and feedback we’ve received. It seems you guys love this concept as much as we do and it turns out you’re a pretty creative (and thoughtful) bunch!

We wanted to note down a few tips to get the most out of the Build Your Own Gift experience and some hints for choosing the perfect gift combination to delight the recipient.

build your own gift box inspiration .JPG


Think about what is going on in the recipient’s life right now… are they a bit worn out? Maybe they would benefit from some pampering products. Have they recently started a new job? Perhaps some inspiring desk decor and stationery would be perfect! Is life chaotic? A beautiful scented candle paired with an inspirational book could inspire calm.


A great way to theme a gift box is to choose colour-coordinated items. You could go for all the same colour in varying shades (like a pale pink mug, a deep pink soap bar and a pink lip balm) or mix and match complimentary shades such as a blush pink with a soft green (like a candle or luxury tea box)


If in doubt - go for the snacks! Seriously, though, pretty much everyone loves a gourmet gift so you could create a cosy night in collection with our luxury Hot Chocolate, a beautiful Mug and a Brass Spoon. Add in one of our artisanal Chocolate Bars or Luxury Fudge too. But be careful… this type of gift may not make it to the recipient if you’re easily tempted and scoff the lot yourself!

Ready to create some magic?


Get more inspiration in our LuxeBox Gallery…

As always, if you feel like you would like some help in creating the perfect gift, we are here to assist you. Get in touch with our team and we will gladly guide you - creating gifts is our favourite thing to do!

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