How to Care for Leather Accessories - A Guide


Leather pieces are classic and timeless additions to a woman’s accessory wardrobe (I really want an actual accessory wardrobe by the way!) These kind of accessories make perfect gifts and my own personal Leather Cosmetic Bag is my favourite piece from our collection and it gets lots of use especially when I’m out and about.

I wanted to make sure I was looking after my leathergoods for maximum longevity - our accessories are designed to last a lifetime with the proper care so I’ve put together some key hints and tips to get the most out of your leather pieces and how to protect them from any damage.


Avoid contact with any sharp or rough surfaces to minimise any scratching or scuffing. Be careful with heavily embellished clothing and chunky jewellery.


Avoid water if possible. If your leather accessory does get wet, remove the residual water as soon as possible and then leave to dry naturally. Do not be tempted to get the hairdryer on it!


We use Saffiano leather for our pieces, and one benefit of this tyoe of leather leather is that it is very hardwearing and is relatively scratch resistant compared to other leathers. If you have a mark on your leather piece, use either a damp cloth in gentle, circular motions, or a specific leather cleaner. (We recommend this)


When not in use, keep any bags or pouches stuffed so they retain their shape. We would recommend using acid free tissue paper but you can also use bubble wrap or soft fabric.


Avoid overfilling your bags or pouches to protect the shape of the piece - leather is a natural skin and can stretch.


Keep leather accessories stored out of direct sunlight - use a dust bag if possible.


Regularly massage in a leather conditioner to keep your piece looking as good as new. We like this

A Note on Caring for your Monogram

We monogram with professional hot foil, the nature of which will gently fade with general wear and tear. Please avoid any contact with chemicals, perfumes or oils on the monogram area to prolong it’s life.

Philippa Sian Photography

Philippa Sian Photography

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