A Day in the Life of... a Female entrepreneur


I often get asked about my work/life balance…

(answer: it’s non-existent!) so I thought I would create a post detailing what an average work day looks like for me. So, here’s a ‘Day in the Life’…of Me!

Valentina & Nelly

Valentina & Nelly

6.30am - Wake up call

from my two year old daughter, Valentina. Our day begins with shouts of “Mummy!” “Daddy!” “NELLEEEEEEE” (our dog’s name, who she loves) followed by “Milk!” so it’s off to the kitchen I go to get her a cup of that.

7am - Luxury, relaxing pamper session

aka a mad dash into the shower, throw on some clothes and attempt to hide the dark circles with make up whilst simultaneously trying to entertain a toddler and keep her from smothering the dog to death.

8am - The drop off

I pop down the road to deliver Valentina to nursery. She really enjoys herself there so it helps with the #MumGuilt when I’m at work. Although occasionally she has a meltdown as I’m leaving which is really tough #StayStrongMama. I will then dash home to grab some breakfast (I revel in NOT having to share this with a toddler!) and either put a load of laundry on, quickly hoover or just something which makes me feel like I’m making a dent in the never ending household chores cycle.


8.45am Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to work I go

I usually arrive at the studio around 9am (by which time I’m ready for a nap). Viki, our Studio Manager is usually already at her desk so we usually have a quick chat about the latest current affairs*, make a coffee and then start work.

(*Love Island/Suits/Daily Mail Online etc)

Team player

during Spring and Summer, the studio tends to be a bit quieter so there are only usually two of us in on any one day. However, during the Autumn and Winter we are super busy, mainly with personalised baubles, so the team gets bigger as our lovely seasonal staff dig in too. There’s usually around 3-4 of us in every day at that time. It’s fun! We play lots of Christmas music and eat alllll the mince pies and drink allllll the Starbucks gingerbread lattes.

The workplace essentials: flowers, good stationery and chocolate!

The workplace essentials: flowers, good stationery and chocolate!

9.30am - You’ve got mail

I usually start by going through my inbox and responding to urgent enquiries and marking less urgent emails to be dealt with later or in the evening once Valentina is asleep. Although, I recently got a tip from the lovely Kerry Lyons who suggested trying to leave emails til later and focusing on your priority tasks first while your mind is most awake, so I am going to give this a go to see how it works for me.  I try to write my ‘to-do’ list the night before to increase my productivity (read more about that here) but inevitably that list gets added to throughout the day. Viki or Laima will usually print off all the orders we’ve received overnight and then get them all prepared on our packing table. {Naturally we all have our own personalised Studio Seed notebooks to jot down our tasks and notes throughout the day!}

Despite what your husband may tell you, one can NEVER have too many notebooks.

Despite what your husband may tell you, one can NEVER have too many notebooks.

10.30am - Time to get creative

one of the things I love most about my job is that no day is ever the same. Depending on the season, I could spend the bulk of my day doing absolutely anything. I could be…

·      designing the new collections for the upcoming season

·      working on mock-ups and design concepts for corporate bauble projects

·      dealing with press enquiries

·      personalising and packaging orders

·      planning trade shows

·      working on strategy to get new wholesale business

·      creating our social media content

·      visiting trade shows to source new products to include in our LuxeBox range

·      Reconciling our accounts for my very patient and understanding accountant

·      liasing with suppliers to develop our ranges

·      making up baubles…. The list is endless!

Real life footage of the state of my desk towards the end of the day

Real life footage of the state of my desk towards the end of the day

12pm - Lunchtime

I usually countdown the clock to lunchtime from about 11.30 (I get quite ‘hangry’) and start tucking in at 12 on the dot. I try and bring my lunch in with me to avoid having to nip out as my time at the studio is so precious that I need to make the most of every second! I will eat my lunch at my desk and probably look through my emails – however, I’m trying to stop doing this and actually get away from the screen for a break. I’m thinking we need a lovely, inviting sofa (pink, of course) to encourage us to take a quick break.

12.20pm - Back to it

back into my tasks. We use Trello to organize workload and tasks for projects so that the whole team are in the loop. It’s a lifesaver!

Viki working her way through the post!

Viki working her way through the post!

2.30pm - Did someone say coffee?

If we are VERY lucky then Viki’s husband (who works down the road) occasionally pops in with a Starbucks for us which we LOVE. If we aren’t so lucky then it’s instant coffee… it’s caffeine and it does the job!

4pm - Wrapping it Up

at around 4pm we have to try and wrap up the day’s tasks. The girls will process all the orders being dispatched that day and pack it all up into the big grey Royal Mail sacks for the postman. I’ll leave around 4.30pm and go straight to pick up Valentina from nursery, then it’s back to my second job of being Mama. If it’s nice weather, we’ll hang out in the garden looking for her ‘friends’ aka Mr. Woodlouse, Mr. Beetle, Mr and Mrs Worm and the list goes on…


7pm - Aaaaaaaand, relax – or not!

Wine - the essential part of any woman’s routine.

Wine - the essential part of any woman’s routine.

When my husband gets in around 7pm, we bath Valentina and put her to bed. I’ll generally cook dinner while he settles her to sleep. Then it’s time when I should switch off but I’m not very good at this… I very often get my laptop out when I’m sat on the sofa and attempt to catch up with some emails and enquiries but I’m trying to kerb this a little to give myself a better work/life balance. Obviously I’ll have a glass of wine (mine’s a dry Rosé with ice).

10.30pm - And so to bed

I try to read a little before bed to wind my mind down – my current read is ‘Mindset’ by Dr Carol Dwek which is fascinating. (You can get it here. And then start it all again in the morning!


My top advice…

·      work with people you like! Easier said than done in some cases but I always employ staff who I can count on as friends as well as employees. Some would disagree but this suits me best.

·      if it’s possible, try and work outside of your studio/office/home once in a while. I often spend a couple of hours with my laptop in a coffee shop for a change of scenery and it makes me feel more productive

·      make your workspace gorgeous so you want to be there and feel inspired!

·      plan, plan, plan! Use trello or another scheduling tool, and try our free weekly planner printables for some practical pretty on your desk. (You can get this by signing up to our newsletter)


I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts on my typical day at the office, and if you have any great tips for working mamas, please do leave a comment and I will share all the best advice!

With love, Tamsin xx