Mother's Day - Admiring ALL types of Mothers


Here at Studio Seed, kindness and connection are our most important values - celebrating (and spoiling!) those closest to us is at the very core of what we do. With Valentine’s Day just gone, we are usually quite aware of our ‘single’ friends and rally around them with ‘Galentine’s’ love. However, on Mother’s Day, many women suffer in silence.

Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate and appreciate the mother’s in our world but I believe it’s also a day to think of those who find this day really tough.

Motherhood and all it represents – femininity, love, sacrifice, loss, joy – is delicate and precious. Mother’s Day is for

  • The working Mothers.

  • The stay at home Mothers.

  • The Mothers-to-be.

  • The Mother figures.

  • The Mothers of the babies who never made it into this world.

  • The Mothers of children who were taken too soon.

  • The daughters who have lost their Mother.

  • The women who are desperately waiting, hoping, longing to be a Mother.

Mother’s Day is for you, too, and we salute you.

So cherish, spoil and celebrate the Mothers in your life with gusto! But also remember to show compassion those women around you who for whatever reason, may be finding this day hard – you don’t always see the sadness behind the smile.

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