why we think self care isn't selfish


self care isn’t selfish

February, traditionally the month of love, (hello Valentine’s Day!) can also be tough for some. After what felt like the longest January ever, we’re now in that in-between stage just before Spring.
If you’re anything like me, you will tell yourself that you don’t have time to slow down, that you must constantly be ‘doing’ and hustling away at that never ending to-do list. But, it’s so important to be able to practice some self love and it’s certainly NOT selfish, it’s essential.
Here are some reasons why we think that you shouldn’t feel uncomfortable about self care....


1. It’s the only way we can take care of others.

You know the deal on an aircraft – “be sure to fit your own oxygen mask before helping others”. It makes sense. If you are your best self then you are going to be more efficient at serving those who depend on you for help.


2. It will boost
your immune system.

Including more rest and relaxation into your lifestyle allows your body to restore itself meaning you will be less susceptible to those nasty germs.


3. Find your ‘you’ to achieve your ambitions.

Yes, you are a friend, sister, wife, girlfriend, mama, employee, general dogsbody (delete as applicable) but you are also YOU. Connecting with yourself is so empowering and taking time out every day will help you to stop chasing the elusive work-life balance and inspire you to achieve your biggest dreams.

We would love to know what little rituals you have to include some self care into your busy lives.

Here at Studio Seed, we’re partial to a scented candle and a nice cup of tea (yes it can be as simple as that!) We also recommend jotting down thoughts to clear your mind, a walk in the fresh air, podcasts (we love Fearne Cotton’s ‘Happy Place’) and mindfulness apps such as Headspace.

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