Upgrade Your Gifts - 7 Unique Gift Wrapping Ideas


Some people love it, some people despise it… I ADORE doing it and love it almost as much as choosing the gift itself. Gift wrapping! We all want our gifts to be thoughtful but don’t forget the element of anticipation - unique gift wrapping is a way to instantly elevate a gift and make it stand out, there are tonnes of options from DIY, to eco-friendly to simply spending allll the cash in Paperchase!

Here are my favourite ways to make your gift as fun to wrap as it is to open…

Image by Holly Booth Photography of Studio Seed Gift Wrap

Image by Holly Booth Photography of Studio Seed Gift Wrap

  1. Make Your Own Gift Wrap

There are so many ways you can DIY your own gift wrap, my favourites include hand painting or stamping some plain paper. You can get creative with abstract brush strokes (or get the littles involved!) If you use lovely contrast colours like the example below from Lay Baby Lay, you’ll get a really striking effect. Using the rubber end of a pencil dipped in paint creates a pretty polka dot effect and I love the idea of painting on the ribbon and bow - so simple!


2. Accessorise!

With outfits, I often hear myself think “a bit of jewellery and it’ll be alright?”… Same goes for gift wrapping! Go wild with accessories for your presents for the wow factor. Think tassels, pom poms and anything tactile.


3. Eco-Friendly Gift Wrap

The Japanese art of Furoshiki uses a type of traditional wrapping cloth and is a really unique and paper-free way to wrap your gifts. There’s a lovely Furoshiki-inspired wrapping tutorial on the Home Beautiful website here.


4. Monogram Everything

One of my favourite ways to add a personalised accent to a gift is by using a monogram tag or initial add-on. Try cute glitter stickers like these from Meri Meri or look for alternative gift tags in the form of initial Christmas tree decorations. They don’t just have to be paper either, I’ve found below some super cute wire, acrylic and ceramic styles!


5. Try Contrast Ribbon

The most simple way to elevate your gift wrapping is by adding a striking ribbon or bow. You could either go subtle and co-ordinating, or try an accent or clashing colour for a bold effect.


Also be sure to check out our super helpful ‘beautiful bow’ tutorial to learn how to professionally tie a perfect, flat-backed ribbon gift bow!


6. Add a Keepsake to your Gift

I love the idea of having part of the gift as the gift wrap itself! In the past, I’ve often put a small tree decoration (not glass!) on the outer of a gift as a little add-on and the recipients loved the fact that they could add this to their Christmas tree.


7. Nature-Inspired Gift Wrapping

Why not bring a bit of the outside in next time you wrap a gift… you could add in a few fresh stems of flowers, some gorgeous foiliage or some dried fruit or flowers. This softens the gift and will delight the nature lover!


I hope you find inspiration here for your next gift-wrapping occasion… I absoluitely love to see gorgeous gift wrap ideas so tag me on instagram on your latest gifts!

Love, Tamsin

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