How to Be More Productive - Ten Tips for Busy, Modern Women


Life these days is a busy blur of work, family, life, housework and coffee! We are surrounded by distractions and never ending social media so it’s no surprise that we can often feel total overwhelm at our life and work load. We have listed our top 10 tips to clear through the fog and to be as organised and productive as you can possibly be….


1. Lists!

I live by to-do lists, they give me clear, actionable tasks when I’m really busy so it helps me focus. Try writing your to-do list the night before so that you can just get straight into it in the morning. (You’ll also go to bed feeling super organized – bonus!) Try our gorgeous notebooks for all your lists. 

2. Trello

If you haven’t used Trello before and you like a bit of organisation in your life, then you MUST get on there, pronto! It allows you to organize and prioritise projects and tasks in a visually pleasing way. We use it in the studio as a team to keep on top of current projects and to update each other on what’s going on. I planned my wedding on it, plan holidays aswell as organize the business projects and goals etc. It’s a game-changer! There's a great article on how you can use it here.

3. Set your Intention

I’d never really thought about setting intentions before recently, but I worked with Sophie French who is a creative coach and she introduced me to this video of Oprah Winfrey (yass Queeeeeeen!) and how she sets intention behind everything she does. Knowing the real reason and motivation behind what you want to achieve is a really powerful principle – when thinking of setting goals and what I want to achieve, I’ve begun really thinking about why I want something, and how it would make me feel to achieve it – trust me, it’s pretty mind blowing stuff!


4. Workspace

Make sure your desk or workspace is inviting, organized and visually pleasing. Having a lovely environment to work in makes tasks feel more manageable and you will enjoy your work more! Fresh flowers, some nice trinkets and beautiful desk accessories are my essentials. Check out our homeware essentials here.


5. Reward yourself

Celebrate completing tasks or getting a chunk of work done by taking a short break for a lovely cuppa (and a biccy of course!), or do something nice for yourself – book a nail appointment or buy yourself a little treat – it can do wonders for your motivation! At Christmas time, I usually set myself a sales target and if I hit it, I buy myself a new handbag. Might seem materialistic but it works for me (I bloody love a handbag!)

6. Fresh air

Sorry to sound like your Mother, but getting out into the fresh air and blowing away the cobwebs really can refresh and reset your mind. It’s also good to get out and about as it takes you away from your computer screen or phone screen. Fill your lungs, clear your mind!  

7. Plan your Week

Breaking down the week makes what could be an overwhelming pile of tasks more manageable. Make sure to pencil in some ‘you’ time as well as more boring tasks so that your week doesn’t look all doom and gloom! Try our weekly planner pads to organise your tasks.

8. Create a motivational playlist

Some people need quiet to concentrate but I quite like having music even if it’s just in the background. Create a few playlists to suit your mood – calm and soft music for when you need to concentrate, and something more punchy and upbeat when you need to power through! Beyoncé is my go-to when I need to feel like a powerful, indestructible businesswoman but I'm also partial to a power ballad (only whilst driving alone though!)


9. Podcasts

I love nothing more than to multi-task so if I can be soaking up information and motivation whilst working then I’m happy. I love listening to podcasts in the background or if I’m driving and there’s nothing much on the radio. I love Jenna Kutcher’s Goaldigger podcast and also Fiona Humberstone does some awesome podcasts. Let me know your favourites!

10. Sleep

I mean, it’s obvious isn’t it, but not always possible… I’ve got a young daughter so my sleep is nowhere near the level I’d like it to be! But, you can prioritise getting as much sleep as possible by committing to not sitting in bed scrolling through Instagram (guilty!) but instead taking a warm bath before you hit the pillow (fresh sheets and pj’s are my FAVOURITE!), trying to stay away from screens for a while before bed. I also swear by this pillow spray for a restful night’s sleep.

Sleep mask - essential. Cat - optional. Image from Pinterest

Sleep mask - essential. Cat - optional. Image from Pinterest

And that's it for now! I hope you find some of these tips useful - I'd absolutely LOVE to hear your own top tips for organisation and productivity - let me know in the comments below.


Tamsin xx