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As we head into our busy Christmas season, we thought it might be nice to give you a little introduction to our little team of Bauble Queens and Elves! We all work hard behind the scenes hand crafting and personalising your orders from our lovely Warwickshire studio - usually with a Starbucks in hand and something festive on the radio (Yes, even in November) so without further ado... Introducing:

Tamsin - Bauble Queen (aka the big boss)


Favourite colour: Pinky peach. (Well pantone 698c if you want to be specific)

Nickname: My mum (for some unknown reason) always used to call me Tammy Tutu, which was also the name of my first business. So, many of my friends call me Tutu or Toots...

Favourite Word: EFFERVESCENT - such a sparkly word for this time of year!

Favourite Studio Seed Product: Well obviously I love all my babies equally but I do have a soft spot for the Personalised Leather Pouch in Nude. The leather is so soft and buttery and it's a perfect size for all my bits and bobs.

One Gift you're Giving This Year: Well my presence is present enough for most people but it's my daughter Valentina's first Christmas and I really want to get her a vintage style ride on car... although I might regret that!

Viki - Studio Manager and Organisation Addict


Your ideal Christmas Day: Snow on the ground, logs on the fire, Christmas music playing, all my family around me, food, presents and warm alcohol

What's your guilty pleasure? Watching American trash TV on the TLC channel

Favourite food: Mexican – I love a good fajita

Favourite word: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

What's your favourite Studio Seed product? I love the new Personalised Leather Keyrings - anything personalised always makes a fab gift plus they come in a beautiful box.

What are you wishing for this Christmas? Hmmmm world Peace! Failing that I’d like smiles on my children’s faces, a top 10 for hubby in the Boxing Day Cross and some nice surprises to unwrap

Kara - Elf and Queen of Attention to Detail


What's your nickname and why? Nosh - because I love my food!

Guilty pleasure: A dash of amaretto in homemade trifle or hot chocolate... anything goes.

Favourite colour: That's a difficult one... hmmm.. all colours in the right situation but love my rose gold accents.

Best Christmas gift ever: Received - a bespoke wooden postal sorting box, lovingly handmade by my wonderful husband. Wanted - a vintage letterpress... oh and extra room to house it!

Favourite Studio Seed Product: Baby's First Christmas Star Tag Bauble - love a bit of starry twinkle!

Your ideal Christmas day: A snowy day not leaving the house, full of snuggles.

Suzanne - Elf and Spreader of Festive Joy


Star Sign: I am a silly Scorpio, the most French of the zodiac, some say sexy, sultry, .... Id say a camp comedian with a desire to make people laugh and love in equal measure! Passionate about all things, I like to create and bake .... you should try my croissant 🥐.... ooh err!!!

Favourite word: Pamplemousse

Nickname: Crap Suzette ... cos who doesn’t love a punny French nickname???

Thought for the day: .... it’s ok to love your kids a little More when they are asleep

Favourite Studio Seed product: Bah oui!! I love love love the vinyl cut calligraphy baubles, so sparkly and still so classy, all of my nearest and dearest will be receiving one of these beauties this year

New Years Resolution: Never knowingly undersell yourself, I am striving to make new projects a success so I need to have self belief and confidence and not shy away from the limelight .... moi???? oh and the French drink more champagne than they do water ... I believe we should all strive to emulate this greatness 😂😂

Laima - Elf and Perfection Queen


Favourite colour: Green (no surprise it's a festive colour!)

Star sign: Pisces 🐠

Dream Holiday Destination: Anywhere romantic with beautiful architecture and scenery

Favourite Studio Seed Product: Leather luggage tag in tan with gold foil personalisation, looks classy and makes a great gift!

What wakes you up and gets you going in the morning? Coffee - lots of it!

Valentina - Executive Assistant (Giggles Dept.)


Thought for the day - goo goo gah gah ba ba ba ba ba - don't you agree?

Christmas wish - I hope that my Mama will let me touch all the sparklies on the Christmas tree.

Favourite studio Seed product - I like the Baby's First Christmas Bauble because this year it's MY FIRST CHRISTMAS!!

Best cuddle giver? - Nelly the dog closely followed by my Mama.

What's your nickname? Squidgy... because I'm so, well, squidgy!

Nelly - Chief Barketing Officer & General Dogsbody


Favourite day of the year - every day! Every day is so exciting!

Best walk ever - When we went to the park and I stole half a cooked chicken from someone's picnic - yummmmmy.

Embarrassing story - I once eat quite a lot of cow poop on a walk and then did a LOT of diarrhea on the kitchen floor :/

Favourite studio Seed product - I love the glittery pet bauble!

What are you doing for Christmas? - Hovering under the Christmas table waiting for scraps of turkey whilst simultaneously getting in everyone's personal space.

We hope you enjoyed meeting our team... we are looking forward to creating your festive orders this season!

Tamsin & The Studio Seed Girls xx

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