Diary of a Designer Bride to Be : Q&A with Mr. R

As a female of the species, I have obviously had fleeting thoughts since childhood of how my wedding day might be when I was a ‘grown up’. I have also been involved in lots of my friend’s wedding planning and of course working in the wedding industry means I’ve had more than my fair share of exposure to weddingville.

My best friend Sarah's wedding {which we'd planned way before the engagement!}

My best friend Sarah's wedding {which we'd planned way before the engagement!}

However, my fiancé, Mr. R, is understandably quite oblivious to all the ins and outs of a wedding and I think it’s safe to say that as members of the opposite sex, we are viewing everything quite differently! I thought it might be nice to get his perspective on all things wedding…. So, introducing, my lovely Mr. R.

{Just to be clear, Mr. R does NOT like cats...} + Fancy times at The Ritz + Elves & fairies at my niece's 3rd birthday.

{Just to be clear, Mr. R does NOT like cats...} + Fancy times at The Ritz + Elves & fairies at my niece's 3rd birthday.

Tell us about the engagement ring process and the proposal…

I had an inkling of what Tamsin might like but I'm also aware that being a designer she is (very) particular. Rather than going straight in and presenting her with a ring that she'd have to like, even if it wasn't her cup of tea, I decided it would be better to present her with a loose diamond and then when she'd regained consciousness I'd plan to show her some computer aided design images of a design that I though would perfect for her. I spoke to a well respected local jeweller who suggested that I came in for a chat over a cup of tea. The lad I met was very helpful and suggested that it was "all about the stone" (not in a Gok Wan voice). I had brushed up on my cuts beforehand so managed to sound like an expert when I told him that I was after a cushion cut diamond. I'd have to return in a week's time to inspect and select the perfect stone from the ones he would acquire from London. I travel quite a lot with work so arranged a date in the future to come back. After three further undercover meetings with the jeweller I came away with a beautiful loose cushion cut diamond in a box and some images of the ring design that would the stone would be set in.... assuming she approved and didn't cry.

With this all sorted I booked us into a hotel in the Cotswolds, the same one that we spent our first weekend away together in 5 years previously. My plan was to propose before we went down to dinner - I didn't think I'd get away with having the box in my jacket pocket all night without her noticing. Also I wanted to enjoy the meal without trying to find the right time. Whilst Tamsin was getting dolled up ready to go down for some pre-dinner cocktails I got the box from my bag and slipped it into my pocket. She obviously walked in as I was doing this and was oblivious to my actions, although I was expecting her to pipe up with "Simon what are you doing rummaging in your bag?". Only then did I start to get nervous. The diamond was in my pocket. No time for messing about now. No going back. I was actually the most nervous I can ever remember being.

Tamsin was now ready. She was thirsty too I guess as it seemed she was desperate to leave the room and go to the bar. I wanted to get down on my knee in private so I thought of reasons to keep her in the room a little longer. "Let's have a photo together.....*click*...... Er. Now let's have one on my phone as well....".

During the drive down I had thought of a couple of lines that I'd say to her to convince her to marry me. As I got down on one knee these seemed to not be important any more and I just asked her "will you marry me?". Silence. For ages. Big smiles though, so I thought I was in luck. After about 20 seconds I asked her if that was a yes. She nodded. We kissed. Nice times.

Note: you can read all this from MY perspective on this post here...

Before, After & the ring

Before, After & the ring

What are you most excited about to do with the wedding?

The food. I like food. And obviously getting married to Tamsin.

What are you least looking forward to?

Probably the first dance. I'm more of a skulk-in-the-shadows-with-a-beer sort of guy than a showman. And there is no way we are doing any of that choreographed stuff that seems to be the rage at the moment.

What are the top 3 most important things to you about the wedding.

I want Tamsin and I to have a day that we will remember for the rest of our lives.

We are getting married to each other of course, but after that it really is just a big party with all of your friends and family under one roof. I want everyone to have a really really good time and for it to be memorable for them too.

Also I can't wait to see Tamsin looking radiant walking down the aisle.

Would you trust your fiancée to plan the entire wedding?

Honestly, yes. She can be very girly and pink at times, but I would trust her to do things that we would both be happy with. She is aware that it is slightly my day as well as hers.

Has your fiancée had any ‘bridezilla’ moments to date?

Not that I know of. There's plenty of time yet though. It'll come.

If it was up to you (note: it isn’t.) what would the wedding stationery look like?

I would be absolutely terrible at designing it, that's for sure. But if I got a professional involved to do it for me, my brief would be to keep it simple and classy. No frilly bits.

Would you really have sent out an email Save the Date?

Not really. It was a good way of winding the bride to be up though.

What are your thoughts on the design and overall look of the wedding?

Not sure if I'm allowed any opinion on this. Seriously though from what I've seen of Tamsin's pinterest wedding board it is going to look amazing. The palette (never thought I'd use that word) is calm and will be well suited to a Winter wedding.

Would you consider taking on Tamsin’s name? (Simon Seed sounds like a strong combination…)

No chance. My father has 2 brothers both of which have 2 girls. I have a sister. I am the only one of my generation who will keep the family name alive. And I'm a bit of a traditionalist I suppose.

Any other thoughts or things you’d like to mention?

Will you release me from the headlock now that I've written this?

Can Tamsin have a dog?


Note from Tamsin: For someone who appears to have a maximum spoken word count of 30 words/day, I was surprised at how much Mr. R has written! It made me smile, A LOT. x

Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest