Diary of a Designer Bride-to-Be : the PRESSURE of a card!

A big part of my life is spent designing greetings cards, and I have been doing this for quite some years. Before Studio Seed was born I worked for nearly five years designing greetings cards for Marks and Spencers at Tigerprint, so my maths makes that a good 8 years designing, studying and drowning in designs-on-card-with-envelopes. So it makes sense that the sending and receiving of greetings cards is of some importance to me (a point which was thoroughly drilled home to Mr. R when he ‘forgot’ to send me a Valentine’s card one year. sufficed to say this hasn’t happened since). I love any excuse to send a card – it just takes someone doing the washing up and I’m there with a “well done!” card. And yes, I am THAT person who sends cards ‘from the cat’.

Fashionista range  © Studio Seed

Fashionista range © Studio Seed

My friends and family find the job of selecting a card for me very difficult. Every single birthday, Christmas,  Easter (who sends easter cards?!) St. Patrick’s Day, Hannukah and Happy Cup Of Tea Day I get the familiar moaning down the phone. “I mean, how are you supposed to buy a card for you??”,  “The pressure is too much!”, “Just say it. You think the card I sent you is crap don’t you? DON’T YOU?!!”  

Fly Away range  © Studio Seed

Fly Away range © Studio Seed

Well my friends, rest easy.  I don’t think it’s crap. It’s lovely! Its most likely that the first thing I did was turn it around to see where it was from (force of habit, sorry), but  I love that someone has picked a card, for me, that they think I would like. It’s almost irrelevant whether I like the design or not because I like the sentiment behind it.

Bijou Blossom engagement card,  © Studio Seed

Bijou Blossom engagement card, © Studio Seed

When Mr. R and I got engaged, we received a whole plethora of gorgeous cards from our lovely friends, family and neighbours, many including the customary nervous note inside of “we hope you like this card?!!’ We loved them all but a personal favourite of mine was a card that we received not once. Not twice. Not thrice (is that a word?). But FOUR times! It’s coincidence that it was my favourite design of the lot.

My favourite engagement card, taken from my  Instagram  feed

My favourite engagement card, taken from my Instagram feed

This beauty, from Marks & Spencers, is a simple and pretty softly glittered heart with a lovely contemporary caption. Just PERFECT! (Just so happens that I know the gorgeous lady, Abigail, who designed it and the rather special chap, Richard, who I think designed the font. What talented friends I have.)