Designer Charity Baubles for the NSPCC


A project that has been in the making for the last 6 months, 'Designer Charity Baubles in aid of the NSPCC' is launched today! A collaboration between 13 amazing UK designers (That's one for each of the 12 days of Christmas, plus one for luck!)  The project has involved each designer decorating, designing and generally prettifying a Christmas bauble which the general public have the chance to win!


Included in the project are some extremely high profile and special designers! They are as follows:

Rob Ryan  |  Lisa Levis (nee Stickley)  |  Johanna Basford  |  Rachael Taylor  |  Erin Hung  |  Mr Yen   |  Tigerprint Design Studio  |  Joanna Kilby  |  Lucy Ledger  |  Abigail Warner  |  Jess Williams  |  Libby McMullin  |  Oh, and Me!

All the designs are totally unique, one-off and super special. One of them could take pride of place on YOUR Christmas tree this year! When donating you can feel rest assured that ALL your donation goes straight to the NSPCC to help children at a time of year that should be special but often sadly isn't.

How can you win one I hear you say? It's easy! Head over to the Designer Charity Baubles Justgiving Page where you are invited to donate in increments of £5.00 for the bauble that you like, each £5.00 equating to a ‘name in a hat’ for the prize draw with one winner per bauble. You can donate as many £5's as you like (preferably lots!) and it will all go towards the wonderful work of the NSPCC. Winners will be selected at random using a random number generator.

Winners will selected at random on Tuesday 17th December. When donating, you can state the bauble that you'd like so, for example, if you donate £15.00 and state 'I'd like to win the Rob Ryan bauble' - you will get three chances to win that bauble. If you would be happy to win any of the beautiful baubles, just donate and we will randomly select a bauble to put your 'bids' towards.

Rob Ryan's special bauble - you can win this!

Rob Ryan's special bauble - you can win this!

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